Free Bali Visa Finder

Modified on January 23, 2024

Finding which visa for Bali is right for you isn't always clear. Here is a 100% free calculator to help you find the visa that fits YOUR case.

Unsure of which visa you need for Bali or anywhere else in Indonesia? You aren't the first one.

Finding info online can be a pain in the...brain to put it lightly.

There is not one site that says the same as the other, and agents always try to sell you visas you don't really need.

I made this visa finder so that everyone can know (for free) the kind of visa one need. When you know the cost of overstay (1 Million Rupiah a day) or deportation for visa violations, you can thank me later!

I keep it updated as much as I can. It is usually much more updated than the embassy and visa agents websites you've likely already been through. (I won't even mention my fellow bloggers here cause I'm a nice bloke)

For more details about visas in Bali, I recommend you to read this.

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